Brad Larsen
Senior Software Engineer
West Palm Beach, FL 33411, USA
Microsoft SQL Server
Brad is an experienced .Net programmer with a range of domain knowledge. He's worked in healthcare, education and commercial real-estate, and really focuses on understanding both the big picture as well as important details.
C#, VB.Net, HTML5, Javascript, Microsoft Asp.Net MVC
.Net, AngularJs (1.x), Microsoft Asp.Net WebApi
Scrum / Agile, Object Oriented Programming
Microsoft Windows, Azure
Microsoft SQL Server
Infragistics, Redgate
12 years
Sql Server
10 years
10 years
Hightlight Projects


VendorConnect is a tool for scheduled communication with external vendors.
MatrixCare, Inc.
MatrixCare, Inc.

* The base of the project is a scheduler that can loop through all of our customers, and all of the branches in each customer. The system determines what features that customer has enabled, and activates the appropriate library. These providers can be added or removed dynamically while the application is running.

* Library providers can send or receive information with other companies that we work with, or other departments inside our company.

Api Router

The Api Router project was designed as a layer to provide security and to forward public requests to the appropriate private api.
MatrixCare, Inc.
MatrixCare, Inc.

* The primary reason we needed the API router is that we wanted to both external vendors as well as our web application to be able to call a simple url to interact with the backoffice application.

* Internally, we have multiple versions that can be consumed. Customers may be on different versions of our application, and some may also be on a beta or experimental version. That's controlled server-side, and we don't want the caller to even know what version of the api is being requested.

* In addition, this layer can check the tenant code and user to be certain that the user has permission to access the requested database, and refuse them without putting any load on the server that actually deals with the business logic.

Work Experience
Senior Software Engineer, Team Lead
MatrixCare, Inc.
Dec 2015 - Present

Developers on my team are responsible for implementing new features as well as supporting existing applications. Some of the applications include:

* Developed a windows service that handles integration between our applications and various other applications, both inside the company and external vendors. For example, it often uses SQL Server change tracking to detect certain kinds of changes that need to be sent to business partners.

* Created a web application that uses AngularJs and Bootstrap as the front end and Asp.Net WebApi / EF as the back end. This application is used by employees of our customer to daily activities such as scheduling appointments and marking tasks.

* Acted as the team lead and scrum master to help organize the team's development.

Api Integrations
MS Sql Server
Senior Software Engineer
Stratis Business Systems, Inc.
Aug 2010 - Dec 2015

* Designed a system so customers can have their employees clock in and out of appointments and verify their location. This application has since run for ten years with minimal changes.

* Enhanced the Soneto application to improve and support scheduling, and administration of clients, caregivers, office settings.

* Created a notification system so a customer can send either emails or text messages to a set of their employees. This is generally used to send a few thousand messages a day.

MS Sql Server
Senior Programmer / Analyst
Financial Aid Management for Education
Nov 2009 - May 2010
  • Supported and enhanced a web application used to help students request financial aid for college
  • Redesigned a set of reports and stored procedures in order to speed up the process.
  • Analyzed compliance with federal guidelines and made recommendations to resolve problems.
Asp.Net WebForms
MS Sql Server 2008
SQL Server Reporting Services
Senior Programmer
Woolbright Development, Inc.
Jul 2006 - Sep 2009
  • Woolbright is a real estate company that buys and leases out shopping centers. My role was to help with multiple internal applications.
  • Supported and enhanced the Property Information System, an internal application that managed a large portion of the company's business.
  • Rewrote the company's primary application in order to refocus on the research and acquisition, while maintaining the features for leasing and long term maintenance. This also split the application into web components as well as WinForms components that can be run disconnected from the primary server.
  • Designed a series of tools to mine geographic information about our prospective tenants. The tools retrieved data through Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Hoovers API’s, and aggregated the information.  
Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Programmer / Analyst
Brown Distributing, Inc.
Apr 2003 - Jul 2006
  • Wrote EDI modules to exchange information with external vendors or suppliers such as Anheuser Busch, Heineken, Electronic Data Services, and Yahoo. 
  • The suppliers required detailed information about Brown’s customers, products, inventory, prices, and sales. This information was formatted per their custom text-file specifications.
  • Designed a user administration module to coordinate employee permissions and access to tools and reports. Users are grouped into a hierarchy that mimics the company’s organizational chart in order to simplify assignments.
  • Worked on the internal website, BdcNet written in VB.Net / Asp.Net. This website provides daily, monthly, yearly reports for internal analysis and review by both management and salespeople. 
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Asp.Net

University of Central Florida

Orlando, FL
Aug 1996 - Jun 1998
Masters Degree in Computer Science