jothi panchatcharam
Backend Developer
Toronto, ON, Canada
AWS cloud development
Flask web development
CI/CD(Jenkins/circle ci)
Bash scripting
Dynamo DB
AWS quicksight
Deep learning
Message Brokers(Rabbit MQ, IBM MQ)
Network Programming(Asynchronous)
A seasoned backend developer with more than 11 years in the software industry providing efficient cost effective solutions to some complex requirements especially relating to high throughput network programming. Played around with many languages/environments ( Assembler ,C, C++ to Python) but python is my favourite .Love the devops side of things (vagrant, ansible, Pipeline setup etc)
Python, C, javascript, C++, Os 390 Assembler, Bash
Flask, Ansible
Flask, Boto3, Sqlalchemy, pymongo, Pika, Selenium-python, BeautifulSoap, apscheduler, supervisor, pandas
Linux, AWS, windows, solaris
Dynamo DB, postgress SQL, MongoDB
git, ansible, Jenkins, Pycharm, MicrosoftVS Code, CircleCI, MIcrosoftPlanner, Trello
6 years
software development
11 years
AWS development
5 years
Hightlight Projects


automated publishing of high school sports articles for various new outlets
  • Developed an deep learning/AI based product for publishing high school sports articles using crowd sourced data.
  • Configuration enabled development to allow flexiblity to cater to needs of various news outlets.
  • Setting up and management of infrastructure on AWS (EC2/Dynamo DB/S3) .
  • CI/CD using circleci.
  • Easy to handle web based configurations for news outlets using Flask.

Airline PSS Simulator

A mock up system that could simulate the data feeds like an Airline PSS system
  • ETL based product using Python's bonobo ,SQLAlchemy, Rabbit MQ and MongoDB.
  • Container based development using Docker.
  • windows and linux based containers.

Work Experience
Lead Software developer
Delta Airlines
May 2019 - Present
  • Technical lead for the team responsible for development and maintenance of critical communications infrastructure component dealing with the airlines terminal traffic and host to host traffic almost reaching a peak of 30,000 transactions per second.
  • Development of IATA CUPPS/CUTE terminal software components that would be certified/deployed in various vendors like SITA, ARINC, AMADEUS.
  • Leading the effort to migrate from clear case to Git and injection of devops strategies using Jenkins and artifact repositories in to the build pipelines that would provide CI/CD development.
  • Distributed clustered architecture with asynchronous socket communication with various data protocols.
Asynchronous Network programming
bash scripting
Nov 2018 - Present
  • Hired as a consultant to get the product from Proto-typing to Production and get all the necessary to get project to a scalable, configurable product.
  • Product is a unique one in the media industry which uses Deep-learning AI to create sports articles for games(football, baseball) played at school level for local journals by consuming data from API advertised by crowd soured Scorestream and publish them to CMS, Wordpress blogs using API's
  • Implemented Process management, Logging, Monitoring , report generation ,customer configuration enablement, CI/CD processes(circleCI).
  • Refactored the code to more efficient and functional blocks with the future vision of running them in a distributed parallel fashion as tasks.
  • Implemented the integration tests ad unit tests using Pytest , mock patches and responses.
  • Implemented software development lifecycle practices and version control using Github.
  • Other responsibilities include setting up the infrastructure, CI/CD process ,Process management , Log stash, Code refactor, configuration enabled development, Project Management using Github and Mentoring.
  • Some of the libraries used are skpy, scheduler, supervisor, boto3, mock,responses, requests, Wordpress_api.
  • Tech stack includes AWS EC2, Dynamo DB , Python3 .
Senior Software developer
May 2018 - May 2019
  • Leading the development of a simulator system from ground up driven by data needs that would cater to the needs of different products already in Production and in development mode.
  • Developed several pipelines using Python's Bonobo library for running batch jobs used for generation and sanitization of custom static datasets.
  • Automated the coexistence of running Linux based docker containers and windows based containers in a synchronized manner with Rabbit MQ as the broker between them and Mongo as the shared database using vagrant and docker machine.
  • Spike researched the usage of several Pipeline workflow tools like Airflow, Luigi and task management tools like Celery.
  • Cloud based development not limited to using AWS EC2, Cloud AMQP, Amazon EKS, Amazon ECR and Mongo Atlas.
  • Additional responsibilities include managing the backlog of the project, incorporation of best practices to be followed by the team, JIRA project management, Proto-typing ideas and approach.
  • Some of the libraries used are bonobo, sqlalchemy, pymongo, pika, alembic and mongomock.
  • Tech stack includes Python 3, Docker, CircleCI, Kubernetees , Postgres SQL and
  • Mongo DB.
Senior Software Engineer
Dec 2014 - May 2018
  • Responsible for the development/maintenance (sometimes architect) of 24x7 primarily type A transaction environment with some additional type B processing originating from various GDS/Airline systems ,web front ends and from airport terminals located around the world involving variety of communication/application protocols, stacks & character sets.
  • Communicate with different stakeholders in the company and liase between technical , business and operational teams providing required information and act as an interpreter between them.
  • Involve in Data Center Operations including DR planning / support, help in automating stuffs for the Data Center operations
  • Assist in the migration and implementation of several airlines from/to SITA for several products not limited to Ticketing, IATCI,Revenue management and reservations.
  • Tech Stack includes Core Java, C, Perl , IBM websphere MQ, NFS file, Kibana.
Senior Software Engineer
Interglobe Technologies
Mar 2009 - Aug 2014
  • Lead and managed a team (15 members) for the development and maintenance of a MULTI AXESS Japan and COPY PNR product in Worldspan (Travelport) system as part of AXESS migration. The product is unique of its kind because of the lack of documentation of current state of the product, needs constant communication with external partners to setup the Connectivity correctly and some innovative strategies to get the product with in a short period. AXESS has 40 + airlines as a user of the product and each one of them required separate study phase to understand the needs and requirements.
  • Worked as an Implementation Engineer Implementing products such as Direct Access, Direct Sell, PNR claim, Seamless availability (Airline Source) & seat map Seat assignment Functions for different airlines with Worldspan GDS which is not limited to creating a new Edifact database for the carrier as per the version & character set followed and making the appropriate code changes to cater to their needs.
  • Design and development of Japan Airlines Group bridge and COPY PNR which enables AXESS agent to create PNR’s on JALCOM system using JAL’ s native entries and enable the same to be copied back to AXESS through PNR claim process.
  • Design, development and implementation of several products like Direct sell request/Seat Reservation/Seat Map Display upgrade for JL on AXESS GDS to 96.1 version, PNR display and PNR claim for Japan Airlines, Frequent flyer implementation on AXESS
  • Tech Stack includes IBM TPF Mainframe, Assembler, Sabre Talk, C


May 2004 - May 2008
Bachelors in Engineering