Lakshmi Narayana Chitturi
Full Stack Developer
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Ruby on Rails
Javascript (JQuery)
Rspec 3
Micro service
Experienced Full Stack Developer with 12 years in the industry and high level proficiency in JavaScript, MySQL, Ruby on Rails and Vue.js .I am familiar with Web Application Architecture and have worked with a good number of successful development teams.
Ruby, Javascript / ES6, HTML / CSS
Rails, Vue.js, Quasar, Bootstrap
Stripe, Twilio, Sidekiq, Rspec 3, BKFS
MVC, Functional Programming, Object Oriented Programming
Linux, Heroku, Engine Yard, AWS, Microsoft Azure
Azure File Storage, S3 File Storage, MongoDB Database, MySQL Database, PostgreSQL Database
GIT, Bitbucket / GitHub, JIRA, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, Trello, Wrike
Ruby on Rails
12 years
12 years
Javascript (JQuery)
12 years
12 years
12 years
12 years
12 years
Rspec 3
12 years
12 years
12 years
Hightlight Projects

Web Application Development

MDLive is an affordable online, on-demand tele-health services provider network that connects users quickly to board certified doctors who are available 24hrs a day, through confidential, liveand secure video or phone conference.

The engagement between Sumeru and MDLive has moved from being a one-person engagement in 2011 to a 15 full time member team now.

  • Sumeru operates as a seamless extension of MDLive’s competent technical team.
  • Today, we have a well-oiled offshore delivery model working in close collaboration with the onsite MDLive team.
  • Code and architecture are periodically reviewed by MDLive’s technical team and consulting technical architects.
  • QA is owned by MDLive and over time, I am delighted to get positive comments on the product quality that we ship.
  • Sumeru’s core capability lies in taking ideas to clarity and then to reality. We have worked closely with MDLive in getting each idea (and there have been so many!) quickly to reality.
  • Ruby is MDLive’s preferred technology platform.
  • We have migrated applications in other technologies (like .NET) to Ruby on Rails. Existing Rails applications are also kept on the cutting edge of Rails development.

Web Application Development and Maintenance

Ygrene Energy Fund, Inc. is a US based financing corporation that provides Property Assessed Clean Energy financing to residential and commercial properties for energy efficiency projects

Project Requirements

● Migrate from Scala to Ruby

● Maintenance of Ygrene’s legacy app portal

● Contribute to develop a new portal for contractors and home-owners in Angular

● Onsite resource support

● Integration of third-party services with the existing application


● Dashboard Integration: Developing a dashboard where Ygrene tracks all their compliance criteria before funding. The highly functional dashboard streamlines their entire process and reduces the error ratio providing operational efficiency.

● Improvements : Providing an application to record all the Ygrene approved Improvements. It will help Ygrene users to have access to the latest version of the Approved Eligible Improvement List. They can also add or edit one or more improvements.

● Partner Portal - A better User Experience: With neat and clean Angular JS, we revamped the existing application to help the contractors by allowing them to get

their jobs done without any hassle. We worked with

● ID Verification through DocuSign : Simplifying the process of ID verification and document signature using third party integration DocuSign. With this application, contractors are able to close any business deal faster than other traditional methods.

● Robust framework to manage bulk-data: We are maintaining their robust framework to manage bulk-data with the Ruby APIs.

● Revamping the app process: We revamped the app process in the modules of the Partner Portal and Internal systems, from Ruby to Angular front end (Node Package Manager, NPM) for better performance.

● Mail Delivery System: We integrated with the third party applications to automate the mail-delivery system.

Feature Development: Here are some of the features we have developed and now maintaining for Ygrene portal-

1. AutoUW: Auto Underwriting

2. Sighten: change to Sighten Integration for Solar Lease

3. Property Owner Portal

4. Contractor Portal

5. DBO Reporting changes for California projects

6. Phased Payments

7. Legal Agreement Document: Generate various Legal and Finance Agreements, with ability to e-sign

8. Docker + Kubernetes for deployment

9. Various Legislative changes required by the respective State or County

● Developing Micro services: Built several micro services to encapsulate business/domain logic in a single place which could be reused by other apps in Ygrene ecosystem.

Portal Maintenance

Acorn Finance offers flexible home improvement financing for dealers and contractors helping them to improve their business. With the Acorn Finance, customers can fill out a short loan application form. Upon submitting the form, the customers receive multiple pre-qualified offers and then get connected to the lenders to get the loan
Acorn Finance
Acorn Finance

Project Requirements

● Maintain the contractor portal

● Developing the contractor dashboard features


The contractor portal is an integral part of Acorn Finance software, helping the contractors to connect with the users who are looking for home improvement solutions.Tracking Contractor activities like deals bought

● How many offers did lenders give

● Which offer did customer select

● How much loan is funded

● Dealer dashboard

● Company dashboard

● Admin dashboard

I have been the heart and soul of Acorn finance software, taking care of the entire contractor portal maintenance. He has also provided extensive support in developing some of the core features of the app dashboard.

Technology Used

● Ruby on Rails

● Vue.js


● AWS Elastic Block Store

● Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

● Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)

Third Party Integration


Key Achievement

When I started working for Acorn Finance, the core software was already developed. They were looking for strong tech support to maintain their contractor portal. A critical

enabler to growth ambition of Acorn Finance was the speed at which the technology needed to be delivered. I have successfully enabled that.

Designing a Digital Campaign Creation and Execution Platform

Robly is a privately-owned Email Marketing Service Provider with headquarters in New York City and San Francisco.Robly is a leading innovator in Small Business Marketing Automation. Robly invented OpenGen and the artificial intelligence sending technology called Robly AI

The integrated template editor is a milestone achievement on this project. There is a level of customization and interactivity that this editor permits which is not found in any off-the-shelf editor available in the Rails community.

The application is also built to scale significantly, and has strong security features built in.

The Robly platform, in its current avatar provides its users with the ability to :

1. Tailor made templates for the novice user.

2. Ability to design eye catching templates through an integrated editor for the advanced user.

3. Create custom lists for campaigns (and use existing lists for swift functioning).

4. Flexibility to send out campaigns to HTML aware, and HTML unaware email clients.

5. Several notifications and alert mechanisms.

6. Email statistics.

7. Incorporation of videos and graphics into campaigns.

8. Links to social network (Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Pinterest, google plus).

9. Links to Payment gateway (PayPal).

Simplifying the functional designs

Simplifying the functional designs etc.

The project was developed over a period of 3-4 months. The key value-adds on the journey include

- Simplifying the functional designs. Creating proof of concepts and test cases to demonstrate individual designs.

- Leveraging the tool during the implementation of the project itself so feature appropriateness could be gauged, and improvements could be suggested through practical experience.

- Sumeru’s suggested plug-ins reduced timelines and cost to develop application.

The project was not without its issues though. Schedules slipped, and in the early stages quality slipped too. In spite of the teething issues we faced during the development of the project, the client is still a very strong reference for us more than 2 years of the project has been delivered. The final product, though late, was quite solid and met the high

quality expectations, and is there for the world to see at

Today, the product offers features such as

- Requirements Management

- RFP and Proposal Management

- Collaboration

- Contract Management

- Agile Project Management and

- Portfolio Management

In meeting the philosophy of the owner, the software had to be intuitive, improve collaboration and unlock developer potential. I had to use advanced UI controls, code for complex bidding processes, build social networking into project management and many more technical features that were early stage when they were developed. Since this was one of my early projects, there were teething issues. In close co-ordination with the client, I saw it through. The project in is final shape does what it was intended to, in a robust and predictable manner, and has created a strong reference client and website for #DreamToIPO.

The application is live and in active use.

The project was used to manage the project itself! The project development was outsourced, and agile techniques were used. It made perfect sense to use Outfarm to manage Outfarm’s outsourced development.

Work Experience
Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer
Sumeru Software Solutions
Sep 2008 - Present
Javascript (JQuery)
Ruby on Rails
Rspec 3

College of Engineering, Guindy

Jun 2004 - May 2008
Bachelor's of Technology