Vishal Soriya
Solution Engineer
At. Ghuntu (Harinagar), Morbi, Gujarat,India
Data Anlytics
Google Cloud Platform
Google APIs
Pandas & Numpy
Data structure & Algorithms
Web Development
Cloud Architecture
Data Engineering
Hello, I am a technology enthusiast having working experience of 5 and a half years on back-end technologies like Python, Django, Flask and Javascript framework Angular. I am a GCP Certified Professional Data Engineer and Cloud Architect with experience on Big Data Analytics on Google cloud platform, App engine, Data studio and cloud technologies like AWS.
Python, Javascript
Django, Flask, Angular
Pandas, Numpy, Oauth2, Gsuite APIs
Google Cloud, AWS, App Engine
Bigquery, Mysql, Postgres, Mongodb, Firebase
Data Studio
GCP Certified Data Engineer
Python, Django, Flask, Google Cloud Platform, Bigquery, Data Analytics
6 years
Hightlight Projects

GNI - Content Planning Solution

Solution to help the publisher companies in their content planning decisions
Tatvic Analytics
Tatvic Analytics
  • Google sponsored project under the Google News Initiative campaign
  • Data Pipeline to prepare data schema on Bigquery from GA360 data
  • Includes ETL process to clean and structure the data in required schema
  • Prepare dashboard on Data Studio from the Bigquery table
  • Dashboard can be used by Authors and Editors of publisher company in content planning decision

Notification Service Engine

Notification service for the product to send out push notifications and email alerts on various events
happierWork Inc
happierWork Inc
  • Deployed on Google App Engine
  • Use NoSql database to store the notification preferences and configurations
  • Push notifications on mobile app and browser using Firebase
  • Email notification with actionable buttons based on configured event


HR workflow automation tool for all core HR processes using configurable workflows
happierWork Inc
happierWork Inc

Product Website

  • Product to automate the HR workflows like Employee Hiring, On boarding, Attendance Management, Tax & Salary Processing, Employee Resignation.
  • Company policy can be configured as per the requirement very flexibly
  • Deployed on Google App Engine
  • Python as back-end and Angular as front-end framework
  • Use of Google APIs like spreadsheet, google docs, calendar, Gmail API, Firebase to make the product more effective and productive
  • Use NoSql database to store the notification preferences and configurations
  • BigQuery for data analytics

Content Recommender System

Solution to recommend the relevant articles based on readers interests
Tatvic Analytics
Tatvic Analytics
  • Content Recommeder System is used by publisher company to recommend the articles to its readers based on readers history and relevant interest topics.
  • Natural Language processing to find the topics discussed in the articles.
  • LDA algorithm for the topics modelling and finding the relevancy to user interest
  • Real time recommendation to viewer when they are reading articles
  • Entire solution deployed on Google Cloud Platform

HR support - Chatbot

Chatbot for the employee support for the questions related to HR operations
happierWork Inc
happierWork Inc
  • Chatbot is used by the employees to ask HR operations related questions related to leave policy, appraisals, holidays or to raise HR support tickets
  • Chatbot built on DialogFlow platform
  • Backend deployed on Google App Engine and NoSql database on datastore
Work Experience
Solution Engineer
Tatvic Analytics
Aug 2019 - Present
  • As a Solution Engineer, I am responsible for developing scalable data analytics solutions in marketing analytics domain
  • Recently completed the data automation solution to automate the DV360 data pipeline for audience analysis.
  • Responsible for managing and deploying cost efficient application infrastructure on google cloud platform.
Virtual Machine
Data pipeline
Senior Software Engineer
Searce Co-sourcing Services Pvt Ltd
Jan 2015 - Aug 2019
  • As as Senior Software engineer, I was responsible for backend data modeling and rest API development for the HR product.
  • Managed team of 5 developers as team lead.
  • Experience on client interaction, requirement analysis and delivering the features on hard deadlines.
Google App Engine
Data studio
Gsuite APIs

Nirma Institute of Technology

Jul 2011 - Jun 2015
B.Tech. in Compute Engineering

Google Cloud Certified - Professional Data Engineer

Jan 2020 - Dec 2021
Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform Qualified Developer - CP300

Jun 2011 - Permanent
ROI Training

Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud Architect

Aug 2020 - Aug 2022
Google Cloud