What Our Top Writers Say
“ I am surprised about the elaborate contribution people make here.”
“I have been trying to implement feedback into writing, and can see the improvements of general efficiency and work quality.”
“The clearly cut deadlines is my motivation for getting tasks done. I enjoy the satisfaction of seeing a full list of completed crossed off work tasks.”
“The Case Management System system basically prioritizes everything for me, helps me work on the projects in a timely order.”
“My future career goal is to move along the career path. The action plans are already set out for me, all I need to do is work out the projects and make sure my output is high quality. ”
“So far the feedback I received are all very clear. Sometimes editors may give different feedbacks, but I haven’t experienced any conflicting feedback yet”
“The training materials are very useful, I really like how I can always go back to it for reference.”
“Sometimes I feel a little disconnected since we are all working remotely, but everyone has been very helpful and always responds efficiently.”
“The managers always point out a good direction for me, and lead me to the right track.”
“My favorite part of working here is the learning experience. I really enjoy the learning process and getting to know more about the immigration process.”
“The editors have been very helpful with improving my writing skills. They always provide very detailed feedback to me, clearly stating what I have been doing well and what I should stop doing.”
“The internal communication has been efficient for me, especially with editors. They always provide quick responses with helpful feedback.”
“Most project instructions have been clear, but sometimes there might be missing information or documents, I would reach out to the manager for clarification. ”
“Even managers have been responsive when it comes to missing information, it also takes client time to upload the documents, which will cause a delay in my writing.”
“Everyone has been easy to contact and willing to help. From my experience so far, I feel the team is working well together.”
“I really enjoy how I can make schedules on my own and take a break when I want to.”
“The desire to meet deadlines and move to the next level really motivates me. The HR team has been helping a lot, there is not much left they can do to help me more productive”
“My favorite part is that the company is giving independent things to us, instead of holding our hands and telling us what to do. I like how the company trusts its writers. ”
“Everyone in the team treats their part of the job seriously and ensures they can meet the deadline, it seems very refreshing to me.”
“I will consider working from home as a highlight of mine. I have never tried this before, but enjoy this lifestyle. I don’t need to waste any time on the road and can have more time to work on the projects.”
“The training is comprehensive and the project instructions have been clear. I have sent a few messages through the Case Management System for specific projects, and received fast responses with all of them.”
“Even though I understand this is the down side of remotely working, it would be nice if I could have more interactions with colleagues. ”
“It was a bit difficult for me in the beginning, especially clients with computer science or engineering related backgrounds. But I believe practice makes perfect.”
“Managing my own working environment and system, and being able to manage my own files makes me very comfortable.”
“Knowing that I am helping someone with what they care about satisfies me, it gives me motivation to get my jobs done.”
“I like I can complete my work individually and independently, but I’m also impressed by how things are cooperated in the company”
“It’s very interesting when it comes to searching for the client’s background and getting to know their field, and knowing I’m able to help with the clients is one of my favorite thing about this job”
“The training itself was already helpful, but getting feedback from the team is even more helpful as they helped me improve my writing skills”
“My favorite part about working in this company is that being able to work from home with flexibility and comfort, I also enjoy reading through different kinds of research. I like that there’s always something new for me to work on”
“At the beginning, I had a hard time getting things done on time with high quality, but I feel like I’m getting more used to the work rhythm now”
“Even though it’s a remote position, so far communication with the HR and the Team has been smooth and polite”
“Everything has been great! My questions always get answered quickly, but I wish I can have more interactions with other colleagues, maybe have more opportunities to speak with more people”
“The learning curve is rather steep here, but I feel comfortable for the most part. Sometimes the information I received is a bit unclear, but I’ll always ask for more information”